Information for referrers


If you, as a medical specialist, diagnose an elevated diaphragm in your symptomatic patient and have analyzed a possible cause, you can refer the patient to the Diaphragm Center.

To have a patient invited for an intake interview, please email the referral letter to:

You can also send your referral along with a CD-ROM containing the X-ray examinations to:
Diaphragm Center
Attn: Dr. W.N. Welvaart
Kwikstaartlaan 42
Unit A2359
3704 GS Zeist


For a proper preparation of your request for a second opinion, we would like to receive relevant medical data of the patient to be referred:

  • Medical history
  • Current medication use
  • Allergies
  • Report physical examination, including height and weight
  • Report of additional X-ray examination:
    • CT chest-upper abdomen
    • X-thorax
    • If necessary, additional Sniff test.

The above X-ray examinations can also be given digitally to the patient – on a CD-ROM.


After the assessment of the medical data and the reports of the X-ray images, the patient – if there is a treatable elevation of the uni- or bilateral diaphragm – is invited for an intake interview at the Diaphragm Center.

Location of Surgery

After your patient has been referred to the Diaphragm Center, we will look for available capacity in the operating room.

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