Diaphragm Center

The Diaphragm Center treats patients with severe shortness of breath as promptly as possible, significantly improving the patient’s quality of life.

To be eligible for treatment at the Diaphragm Center, a referral from a medical specialist is required, preferably from your pulmonologist.

The Diaphragm Center©: for the treatment of the paralyzed diaphragm

Dr. W.N. Welvaart

The Diaphragm Center©

The Diaphragm Center employs a surgical technique that addresses a paralyzed diaphragm from the abdomen, allowing patients to often go home the very next day.


If you diagnose a patient with symptomatic diaphragm elevation, you can refer them to the Diaphragm Center.


The Diaphragm Center is dedicated to helping all patients who suffer from severe shortness of breath due to a paralyzed diaphragm.

In the media

The Diaphragm Center and its treatment methods are frequently featured in the media. We have compiled a selection of articles for your review.

“Giving severely distressed patients back their quality of life as quickly as possible is the greatest thing I can do,” Dr. Welvaart said.

Dr. W.N. Welvaart

Diaphragm Center©

For the treatment of paralyzed diaphragm