Registering a patient

Referrer, pulmonologist

You can register your patient via the secure email address, or by mail to:

Diaphragm Center
Attn: Dr. W.N. Welvaart
Kwikstaartlaan 42
Unit A2359
3704 GS Zeist

Please send the referral, including the medically relevant history and current medication use, to one of these addresses.

The referral will be reviewed, and if your patient qualifies for this treatment, we will invite the patient for an intake interview.

Referrer, general practitioner

You refer the patient to the pulmonologist. The pulmonologist may refer the patient to the Diaphragm Center.


If you think your symptoms are caused by a paralyzed or elevated diaphragm, you can ask your pulmonologist for a referral. Referrals through your primary care physician will not be processed without comprehensive analysis by a pulmonologist.

Ask your general practitioner for a referral to a pulmonologist to assess whether there is a reason for referral. Perhaps your symptoms are not caused by a paralyzed diaphragm and there is something else going on with you that requires other specialist care.

Your pulmonologist will know what tests are needed.

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